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A common question a Police Officer is asked when it becomes evident through behavior or job performance that there may be an underlying issue within their personal life.

Is There Something Going on at Home is a documentary film exploring the affects of trauma and PTSD on law enforcement professionals and their loved ones. Officers—and their spouses, children, and family members— share emotionally charged personal accounts of the devastating trauma experienced in the line of duty—and the short and long term impacts as they navigate an uncertain path forward to keep their family intact.

Donate today to help give a voice to Law Enforcement Officers, their spouses, children and families impacted by job related trauma. Funds raised will pay for production costs associated with pre-production and principal photography, including travel, equipment, and related costs for the filmmakers. 

Is There Something Going on at Home if a collaboration between HEROES & FAMILIES UNITED, 501c (Code 9: Officer Needs Assistance) and Lightning Digital Entertainment (The Wounded Blue and Wrist Lock: The Martial Arts Influence on Police Use of Force). The project is currently in production and seeking donations. Visit their web sites or the Indiegogo campaign for more information.

Featured Interviews—

  • Lindsay Long—shot in the line of duty in 2018

  • Officer Paul Buchanan—succumbed to suicide in 2013

  • Ann Marie Carrizales—shot in the line of duty in 2013

  • Michael Ortiz—experienced multiple traumatic events over the course of his career resulting in debilitating PTSD.

Expert Contributors—

  • Dr. Olivia Johnson (Founder of the Blue Wall Institute)

  • Ernest Stevens (Author of Mental Health & De-Escalation)

  • Javier & Cathy Bustos (Founders of That Peer Support Couple),

  • Glen Williams (Author of Bridging the Gap)

  • Scott Medlin (Author of Mental Health Fight of the Heroes in Blue).

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