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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

This article entitled: There is No Such Thing as PTSD, and I Have It, hits the nail, right on the head. In the past, we were told to just suck it up, and carry on. No one wanted to know, or deal with the issues that came upon us, as it was a sign of weakness. Be a man, grow a pair, buttercup. This too shall pass. These are all things that were meant to spur us past that moment of hurt and pain, that "real men" didn't feel, but in reality, felt but didn't show.

After teaching a course the other night, at the Police Academy, to a younger audience, then I am used to, I noticed a difference. They were willing to share, and be open. To talk about things. Granted, they have not witnessed the traumatic events to come, once they are on the road, but they were open, and seemed willing, even wanting to remain open. They weren't offended, when I teared up, while sharing one of the calls that really ripped my heart out. They weren't put off, when I told them, whatLaw Enforcement has been doing, isn't working. That the number of Police suicides and divorces show we are failing, and still being closed off. They were willing to learn, from the stupid things that I did, and not repeat them. We will see what happens, when they hit the streets. As they mix with the dinosaurs, the grizzled, cynical, veterans, who have "been there".

I pray they can stand strong, be open, and preserve their families and lives, and that those grumpy, old, officers, like me, can be open to change as well. That the "old dog's can learn a new trick. We must recognize the necessity of change, to grow a pair, be a man, and embrace it. The only things that will pass, if we don't, are our lives and our relationships.

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